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Sell Your RV/Boat

RV/Boat Consignment in TX

RecNation is the largest owner of boat and RV storage facilities in the country and is now expanding services to offer customers the ability to sell their RV with us!

It’s no secret that selling an RV or boat takes a lot of time and effort. With cleaning, taking pictures, answering calls from buyers, and scheduling visitations, it’s a hassle.

To make the selling process easier, RecNation is now offering a white-glove consignment service where our team of experts will manage the entire sale and earn you time and money back in your pocket. RecNation will use its vast resources to evaluate and appraise the vehicle based on market demand, list it on multiple platforms, and market it for you.

Program Benefits

Safe: Renters will meet our staff at our secure facilities – not the RV owner’s private property.

Convenient: RecNation will deal with all the inconveniences- The photo taking, marketing, calling of interested consumers, vehicle cleaning, inspections, walkthroughs, etc..

Trustworthy: Vehicle owners already trust us with their storage. They can be sure we will continue to keep their trust as we sell their vehicles.

Professional: RecNation uses market analysis and its vast resources to get the true market value of your vehicle for your family.

Hassle-Free: Vehicle owners drop off their vehicle and our staff will handle it till its sold.

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